Waiting on the HVAC guys

Monday was peaceful. Almost a little too peaceful considering that the HVAC guys were supposed to come back to wrap up their job. While the other construction was going on, they came and went at various times without saying anything. One minute their truck would be in the driveway.   But whenever I wanted to ask them a question, they would be gone. The erratic schedule didn’t matter much when the other contractors were on site and we didn’t have to be here. But now we do, so scheduling is becoming an issue.

The guy said he was going to be back on Monday to install the radiators in the basement.  Now I was under a bit of pressure to get some drywall up on the walls in the workroom and storage room. However, being my usual procrastinating self, I didn’t get around to it until Sunday night.  I had no Tuck Tape to repair the vapor barrier so it would have to wait until I could rush out to Home Depot first thing in the morning.  I made the necessary repairs and even hung a couple of the two foot high strips of drywall before I taking the kid to school. The HVAC guys never showed up.

On the one hand, I always appreciate a kick in the butt to get something done.  A deadline will do that.  And at least the basement is ready for the HVAC guys.  But their total lack of consideration for my time and schedule is frustrating.


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