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Photos and Images

Photography has changed a lot since I bought my first house back in 1996….

35mm film

The earliest pictures on this site (1996-2003) were taken with a Pentax 35mm film camera. Back in those days, there was no way of knowing the quality of a picture until it was developed. You simply took a picture or two and hoped for the best. Therefore, the pictures on this website that were taken at that time are not always the best quality. Those images have been scanned from 4×6 prints.

Going Digital

In 2003, I finally went digital, using a Fuji Finepix camera with a maximum resolution of 3 megapixels. However, because web displayed images at 72 dpi, I used that setting on the camera when taking pictures for the website. These pictures have a maximum size of 640×480 pixels.

Around 2006 we upgraded to a 7 mp Canon Powershot, but again, I used a lower resolution when taking pictures for the website. This was, after all, before retina displays.

Unfortunately, the digital photos from this time period are what they are.

What I use today

Since the summer of 2012, I have been using a Sony Alpha NEX-5N which is a so-called hybrid camera. It takes a pretty decent picture. I will also snap some quick pictures with my smartphone if that is all I have handy at the time. I now take all pictures at the highest resolution possible, although a smaller size is displayed on the website. At least now, I will have some flexibility should technology change in the future.

Sorry for the lack of consistency, but that comes as a result of the website being around for so long.

Other images and graphics

Other images and graphics on this website come from a variety of sources, whether free or paid.   Credit has been given wherever required.  Please contact me with any concerns regarding my usage of images on this website.

Using my images and graphics on your site

Please contact me.  In most cases I will have no problem granting the use of any images that I have created.  I can also let you know what permissions are required for using other graphics or images.