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Ep. 56: Order of operations, energy audit, rethinking layout

Often, there are several moving parts in a renovation and figuring out which tasks need to be done before other tasks can get confusing. At least for me. I have gained a lot of respect for general contractors who choreograph these things on a regular basis.

Who doesn’t like getting money back? We are going to qualify for some home efficiency rebates. The first step is a home energy audit, which needs to be done before any upgrades begin.

And finally, sometimes all you need is another set of eyes to help you see the obvious. I have been trying to make the existing basement layout work, partly because I didn’t want it to turn into a major framing project. Well, it is turning into a major framing project, but it’s going to make my work a lot easier. And it all started with someone uttering the phrase “Why don’t you do this instead…”


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