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Ep 19: Mistakes Homeowners Make: Not doing the math

In this episode of the podcast, I share some news regarding the re-sale value of our house after one year.  I also explore in some detail the perils of “not doing the math” when it comes to home improvements costs.


  • From swimming in cash to swimming in debt
  • Impressive profit in one year (at least on paper):  It’s a seller’s market in our neighborhood
  • Why the real estate agent is so eager to “help” us realize that profit.
  • The biggest mistakes homeowners make:  Not doing the math
    • Overestimating the cost of a project
      • The cost of postponing a project that may be more affordable than you think
    • Underestimating the cost of a project
      • Unfinished work
      • Debt
  • Small things can cause entire projects to grind to a halt
    • Why I haven’t installed my laminate floor yet
    • DIY anxiety

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