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In defense of popcorn

Among the most reviled design elements today is the horrendous popcorn textured ceiling.  So why did we choose to have this outdated texture applied to our living room ceiling at a time when most people are removing it from theirs? 

There was already a texture on our living room ceiling that was not very uniform. Plus some cracking had taken place. Someone had fixed the cracks but the repair did not blend well with the original.  

We could have completely replaced the ceiling or covered the existing ceiling with new drywall. Either of these options would have been messy and we would have lost some of the architectural details like the plaster cove moldings. Applying new popcorn was the most economical solution while preserving the original features. 

The contractor spent about an hour prepping the room and less than half an hour spraying the ceiling. For better or worse, it does fit in with the style and age of our house. It does not look as out of place as it would in a newer home.  Most importantly, it looks a whole lot better than what was there. Let’s call it a “necessary (design) evil.”


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