The Kitchen Remodel: Gallery

Compared to the original kitchen, the new one has a much more efficient layout. Without the hallway door, the kitchen is no longer a high traffic area. It is a small room, but there is enough space for a couple people to work comfortably without tripping over one another. It is not an open concept kitchen nor is it an eat-in kitchen (unless you count eating over the sink). It is purely a cook’s kitchen and it functions well in that capacity. Since the kitchen was finished in 2009, we have never second-guessed the design. There is nothing that we would consider doing differently in terms of layout. And we are also happy with the materials we chose. The room is simply beautiful.


[adsense-rectangle]The microwave is perfectly situated next to the fridge, an ideal location for reheating leftovers. We had the option of going with a microwave-hood vent combination but chose to keep these two fixtures separate for a couple of reasons. A microwave on the countertop is easy for our daughter to reach, so she has no problem getting her own popcorn. When there are multiple cooks in the kitchen, one person can look after the microwave without being in the way of the person cooking at the stove. It has also been our experience that a microwave has a different life expectancy than a hood vent. We have the option of up-sizing and down-sizing the microwave as needed, and we always have the option of moving it to another location.

Lighting for the kitchen is provided by recessed 4 inch GU10 fixtures. We replaced the halogen lights with more efficient compatible fluorescent bulbs.  The fluorescent bulbs were changed out in 2014 in favor of LEDs.  The hood vent provides two levels of lighting over the stove. Under the counter lighting is provided by fluorescent fixtures.

Project completed by professional contractors May 2009. Plans were drawn up by an architect. General contractors took care of the demolition, framing, drywall, flooring and backsplash tile, electrical and painting. Custom cabinets were fabricated and installed by cabinet maker. Granite counter top was measured, fabricated and installed by granite specialist. In-floor heating was installed by HVAC contractor.

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