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Ep 29: Love thy neighbor

From nosy neighbors to noisy neighbors, we all have them. How well we get along with our neighbors is fundamental to the enjoyment of our property. At what point does our right to use and enjoy our property infringe on the rights of our neighbors?


  • Southport board rejects ‘home occupation’ permit for resident’s woodworking shop
    • The following points are specific to this particular case:Is a home-based woodworking shop considered “manufacturing’?
      • Does it make a difference if it is a business or a hobby? (rhetorical question)
      Define “flurry of activity” and how it impacts neighbors.
  • The “nosy neighbor” / busybody.
  • First impressions of a new neighbor.
  • Respecting neighbors when completing noisy renovations.
  • Being aware of how noisy some renovations actually are.
  • Building a privacy fence sends a message, whether intended or not.
  • Compromise may be necessary to maintain a good neighbor relationship, no matter who is right or wrong.
  • Why would a neighbor report you to the building department?

Key Takeaways

Be aware of how your actions and activities impact your neighbors, whether it is a noisy home improvement project or a weekend get together.

Communicate with your neighbors and let them know if you are going to be doing something that is going to have an impact. Try to respect their schedules.

Be willing to compromise. Sometimes it’s worth giving in a little to keep the peace. Sometimes it’s necessary.

Be tolerant: Whether it’s loud music, screaming kids, revving engines, or buzzing power tools, neighborhoods, by their nature are a “flurry of activity.”  All of this is part of living in a neighborhood.


This episode features the music from the opening credits of the Australian soap opera “Neighbours.” Fair use is claimed for the following reasons: Audio has been recorded from a YouTube video, so audio quality is 3rd generation at best. My use of this audio does not affect the marketability of the original audio or the program from which it is taken.  The video is readily available to the public on YouTube.


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