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Ep 23: Trendy is so last year

It’s that time of year.  As 2017 winds down and we look forward to 2018, we are seeing a lot of articles and blog posts about what is going to be trendy in the coming year and what trends are going to be “so last year.”

Topics covered

Paint companies announce their “Color of the Year.”

How my master bedroom in my first house was “on trend” without really trying.

Olive Green and Harvest Gold, anybody?

No kitchens were harmed in this episode of House Hunters (?)  Old vs timeless kitchen design.

The backlash against “open concept” kitchens

Is it old?  Or is it original?  Defending dated bathrooms.

A brief history of bathroom tile colors.

The problem with designing around technology.

Links and Resources

Google is your friend if you want to find information about the “Color of the Year.”  Just search for “color of the year” plus the name of your favorite paint company.

Bob Vila has a pretty good overview of trending paint colors, including some of the Colors mentioned in this podcast.

Take a trip down memory lane and and revisit some past trends in the pages of some old Sears catalogs on

If you want to check out our “dream kitchen” remodel, click here.


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