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Ep. 60: Product placement, no compensation

This is not a paid endorsement… In this episode of the podcast, I share two products I found after hours of searching for solutions to specific problems I was facing with my home improvements.

Xcel IGA

I needed to attach the bottom plate of a stud wall to a concrete slab without using mechanical fasteners and construction adhesive was the obvious solution. Xcel makes a variety of adhesives and their IGA product is the best construction adhesive that I have ever used. You can find more information on their websites:



United States:

Zinsser Bin

I needed vapor barrier for the garage ceiling. The easiest solution was to use a vapor barrier primer. After many hours of trying to track down a product I had used previously (Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec Vapor Barrier Primer) without success, I found exactly what I needed, readily available locally. This was clearly a case where I was searching for a specific product and not seeing other solutions that were right in front of me. You can read more about vapor barrier paints at the following link:

Also, searching Google for “zinsser bin perm rating” will provide lots of useful links.

Other Links

For a deep dive on BluWood, what it was, where it went, and why I ripped out a wall that I had framed with it, you can read my blog post here:

I also talk about it in episode 57 of this podcast:


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