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Ep. 59: Basement renovation update

Renovation in the time of Covid…. I already work slow enough and that’s without a 2 month-long lockdown during a pandemic. The basement is now ready for drywall and in this episode of the podcast, I review the steps that got me to this point.

  • Framing: The joy of relying on someone else to pick lumber when curb-side pickup was the only option.
  • Electrical: Not much to say in this episode, but I did it myself and it has passed the rough-in inspection.
  • Plumbing: Why I chose to hire a plumber and how failure to take my own advice led to a bit of tension.

I also share my opinion of our new HVAC equipment after it has been in use for 6 months and explain why a tankless water heater may not be the green environmentally friendly solution that it has been hyped up to be.