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Ep. 58: It’s a scam

There is no shortage of scam products on the internet. One prominent example is Ted’s Woodworking which has been offering 16000 woodworking plans for a ridiculously low price for the last decade. Other ads feature inventors who strike out on their own after creating innovative air conditioners, drones or vacuum attachments and their stories are all oddly similar. Plus the one sure way you can get an impressive endorsement for your own product.

If you are interested in what other people are saying about Ted’s Woodworking, I recommend checking out the following videos:

Steve Ramsey (Woodworking for Mere Mortals):

Steve Ramsey (this one is more in-depth):

Stumpy Nubs (James Hamilton) (this one starts at the time-stamp) :

If you want to check out the air conditioner ad I refer to, you can find it on YouTube This is by no means a recommendation or endorsement (which should be obvious when you listen to this podcast).

Update: And after recording this episode, I discovered that the “revolutionary” vacuum attachment being advertised a year ago appears to be a rip-off of an existing product called the “Dust Daddy” that has been around for at least 3 years.