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Ep. 51: HOAs with John from AZDIYguy

The first time I came across John’s blog, years ago, he had written about an encounter he had with his Homeowners Association which involved an order to remove a structure from his property “in a workmanlike manner.”

I’ve come across news stories about people running afoul of their HOAs by painting their house the wrong color, or putting up Christmas decorations that were deemed too tacky. But I’ve never experienced what it’s like living in an HOA community or talked to anyone who has. Until now.

John’s HOA encounters

We talk about some of these “infractions” in our conversation, but it’s worth reading about them in context on John’s blog.

“Remove unauthorized structure (the overhang)”:

“Remove A/C Unit from along the side of the garage”:

“Remove tree stump”:


Introduction voiced by Ric Santos, music licensed by JewelBeat.

Additional music by Kevin MacLeod:


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