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Ep 45: IKEA kitchen reno with John from AZDIYGuy

John from returns to talk about kitchens, kitchen design and IKEA. And why it’s a bad idea to step on the back of a farmhouse sink. John shares his experience from planning to design to execution, why IKEA was the right choice for him and why it pays to hire a designer. (IKEA is not a sponsor and neither John nor I receive any compensation for this discussion)

Topics discussed

  • Risking DIY cred by opting for flat-pack
  • The shortcomings of the old kitchen
  • The advantages of working with a designer (his specialized in IKEA- link below)
  • Soapstone countertops
  • Assembling the kitchen
  • The sink mishap and the magic of JB Weld (not a sponsor)
  • John’s assembly process
  • What he would do differently if he had to do it over again

Resource Links

Inspired Kitchen Design: Work with a National Kitchen and Bath Association certified designer specializing in IKEA cabinets.

AZDIYGuy- Kitchen remodel: John’s complete kitchen remodel is featured on his blog. Pay attention to this one: his solution for missing tiles.

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