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Ep 44: Home improvements that can hurt your property value

Thanks to the pandemic, people have been spending more time at home. More time spent at home means more time looking around and seeing what home improvements are needed. And more time spent at home means more time to DIY.

Not necessarily bad things, mind you. We have all seen those articles about the home improvements that give you the biggest return on your investment. But what about the ones that can actually decrease the value of your home?

Back in July, I came across a couple of articles that were written in partnership with UK sofa and carpet specialist ScS and real estate agents “across the country” that discussed the DIY that can hurt your property value.

In this episode of the podcast, I share the points covered by those articles and offer some of my own insights.

The source articles

These 10 DIY projects could decrease the value of your home — “The Scotsman”

Common DIY mistake that can reduce your home’s value by £46,000 — “The Mirror”

The List

  • “Quirky” tile
  • Adding a poor quality sunroom
  • Poor quality windows and doors
  • Messing with the electric, gas or plumbing when you don’t know what you’re doing.
  • Installing lavish gardens (including pools)
  • Turning the garage into living space
  • Adding certain plants to your garden. Roots damage foundations, ivy damages mortar, and some plants are simply invasive species.
  • Building an extension (addition) without a permit
  • Reducing the number of bedrooms
  • Going open plan and “making mistakes.” Messing with the structure.

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  1. Bo Kauffmann

    Hi…I like your podcast.

    I’m a realtor in Winnipeg, and produce Winnipegs Real Estate Podcast….I’d like to work out some kind of cross promo between us if we could?

    Perhaps just drop a 40 second promo into each other’s episode, or do something read out by the hosts?
    I even read about an option where we drop one of our into the others feed for extra coverage?

    I’ve been podcasting for a few years, get only around 300 downloads per episode over time..

    Let me know if you’re interested,

    Bo Kauffmann

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