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Ep 43: What’s new with Vickiann and her crappy house

She’s back! I am happy to welcome Vickiann, from back to the podcast. We talk about how she has been making her crappy house less crappy and answer some very important questions. What has she been up to? What’s the deal with Schmoopy? What’s changed thanks to the pandemic? There are knots and bows to be tied and maybe, someday, a tome about her home to be written(?) and she talks about all of it on this episode.


The company Vickiann used for her kitchen cabinets is [This is not an affiliate or sponsored link]

Meet “Schmoopy.” The first mention of Schmoopy is in this blog post: My Favorite Things 2017.

Our previous conversation is Episode 7 of this podcast.

Not just a bow. A freakin’ kick-a$$ bow!


The opening theme music for the podcast is licensed by the now (apparently) defunct Jewelbeat. I have been unable to find out who now owns the copyrights to the music.

The introduction is voiced by Eric Santos. (Believe it or not, this was a Fiverr gig). You can hire Ric for your project at

“The Office” Theme is written by Jay Ferguson. The version used for segues in this episode is arranged and performed by Nathan Mills and can be found at this link on his YouTube channel: THE OFFICE meets classical guitar or you can watch the video below. Nathan’s website is

Other music in this episode by Kevin MacLeod


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