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Ep 42: As Seen on TV- Stuff infomercials sold me

Affiliate disclosure: This page contains affiliate links. I earn a modest commission for any purchases made through my links.

There was a time, before Netflix and other streaming services, that some of the only entertainment available in the wee hours of the morning was the infomercial. These half hour programs designed to sell you something that you didn’t know you wanted or needed until they told you that you did.

And some of these advertisements worked on me, for better or for worse.

In the interest of decluttering and downsizing and general financial stuff, I would like to share with you some of the purchases I made over the years either directly from an infomercial, or inspired by an infomercial.

Products mentioned in this episode

Please be aware that I am linking to some of these products on Amazon. While I do get a modest commission for any purchases made through my links, I am providing these links mainly for illustrative purposes. Listen to the episode to find out what I really think of some of these products.

Swivel Sweeper

Steam Mop

(not quite the same as our model)

Magic Bullet

Wolfgang Puck Pressure Oven

puck oven
The Wolfgang Puck Novo Pro Rapid Bake Pressure Oven

Total Gym

I did not buy the original Total Gym, but rather a less expensive off-brand copy.

Total Flex

total flex
The Total Flex home gym (as it appeared when I listed it on an online classifieds site).

Max Trainer

Max Trainer
Bowflex Max Trainer

10 Minute Trainer

(This is an Amazon link, but it appears the product is discontinued)

Miracle Fold

We actually purchased the Box Legend folding contraption. It works well…

The best weight-loss solution I have found:

Some of these products are geared towards fitness or weight loss. As I mentioned in the podcast, I have recently lost around 40 pounds, without any gimmicks at all. Just a lot of salmon and less sugary drinks. And walking. LOTS of walking. My personal trainer really kicks my ass…. Here is a picture of him:


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