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Ep. 38: The Tale of the Door

Isn’t it weird when you come across a rating or review that does not agree with the majority opinion? Or find that your own experience is not the same as everyone else’s? That was the situation we found ourselves in when we had a new door installed by a highly rated company. Because that out-of-place one star rating would have been ours (if we had rated them).

This is the tale of our new front door, from the sale to installation to service and the mistakes that were made along the way by the parties involved.

  • The sale: the “sense of urgency” hard sell tactic. And was there a bait and switch?
  • A change order when no change should have been made.
  • No cancellations after 10 days (even though the order was incomplete and should not have gone through).
  • The installation: missing and damaged materials.
  • The service calls.

How would you have rated this company?


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