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Ep 37: The meaning of making

So, there was this article on Mashable, 11 DIY videos absolutely no one asked for which is a curated round-up article where the author posts the videos along with a short snarky criticism. Unfortunately, some of her criticisms demonstrate that she is simply missing the point of “making” in the first place.

In this episode of the podcast, I take a closer look at a few of those videos, along with her criticisms, in the context of the bigger picture of the maker movement.

Topics Covered / Key Takeaways

  • “Making” does not necessarily have to solve a problem. Sometimes it’s just about creativity.
  • The goal is not to find an “easier” way to do something. “Easier” has its place, but it’s not as satisfying.
  • Just because a process is “messy” does not mean that it is not fun. Many creative processes are messy.
  • A “thing” does not have to be useful. The “thing” does not have to be the goal. Often it’s about finding the zen in the process.
  • Making “useless” things can also be an exercise in engineering: finding new ways to use familiar things, or adapting items on hand to solve a problem.
  • The process is part of the story.


Please note that I am not affiliated with any of these links, nor am I compensated in any way for providing them here. These are links to sites mentioned in the podcast.

Get Hands Dirty: Cristiana Felgueiras’ website. Check out her YouTube channel

Bleeding Hand Candle on Etsy: Yes, it is categorized as Halloween decor, but it’s cool enough to be displayed year-round.

Jimmy DiResta: Watch his YouTube videos where he restores antique printing presses, and then head over to his Store where you can buy prints made on those presses. Oh, and check out the rest of his videos while you’re at it.

If you ask me…

In an episode of Adam Carolla’s Ace on the House podcast, Joel from Illinois asked for advice about a woodworking bench. Carolla and co-host Eric Stromer offered some insight. Now I would like to offer mine. I explain why I think Ron Paulk’s design is the best choice for a smaller shop where the bench has to do double or even triple duty.

Ace on the House:”I Blame Bob Vila”: You can hear the original question here (at about 13:35)

Building the Paulk Workbench: Playlist on Ron Paulk’s YouTube Channel.

Plans for the original Paulk Workbench can be purchased here:

Jay Bates’ Modified Paulk Workbench:If you are looking for something a little more permanent.


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