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Ep 33: Year in Review 2018

It’s that time of year….

I take a look back at three news stories or topics that as a homeowner I found to be interesting or significant.

The election

No, not the US midterm elections, but the Ontario provincial election. First, I compress a quarter century of provincial political history into a couple of minutes to set the stage for what happened this past summer. Then I talk about how the results of the election are bad for the environment, and for homeowners wanting to make energy efficient upgrades.

Making It, the TV show on NBC

A kinder gentler competition show hit the airwaves during the summer.

Monopoly, Millennial Edition

There is so much wrong with the concept, starting with the tag line “Forget real estate, you can’t afford it anyway.” So, why all the negativity directed towards Millennials? And what does the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II have to do with this?

Resources and Links

Premier Ford’s Troublesome Track Record (Toronto Star) Dec. 17, 2018

I Played ‘Monopoly for Millennials’ With a Few Young Adults. The Results Were Totally Surreal

Makers I follow

For what it’s worth, these are some of the “makers” that I follow on YouTube. I’m not going to link to each one, but if you search for their names you’ll easily find them.

  • Jimmy DiResta
  • Bob Claggett (I Like to Make Stuff)
  • David Picciuto (Make Something, formerly Drunken Woodworker)
  • Jay Bates
  • April Wilkerson
  • Nick Ferry
  • Rock-n H Woodshop
  • Izzy Swan
  • Evan and Katelyn
  • John Heisz
  • Mathias Wandel
  • Steve Ramsey (Woodworking for Mere Mortals)

And there are so many more. If you are looking for inspiration to get out into the workshop and make stuff, any one of these makers are a good starting point.


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