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A strange source for design inspiration

A couple of weeks ago, I was enjoying a lazy afternoon on the sofa in our family room– the family room that we shall demolished and rebuild soon.  My wife came in the room and saw what I was doing and commented, “That’s interesting.  I haven’t seen that before.” 

Get your mind out of the gutter.  It’s not what you think…

Realizing that I had an opportunity, I asked for her opinion.  “I was thinking about a coffered ceiling similar to that.  Something to add some architectural interest to the room.  What do you think?”

And while I still had her attention, I pointed out a fireplace with a projection television screen over it.  “I’m thinking television over a fireplace, but nothing as big as that projection screen.  Maybe a 50 inch flat screen?”

She nodded in agreement.  “And what do you think about some sort of built-in book shelving?” I asked.  “I’m not sure how much I like these, but I like the idea of them.”

Our first discussion about interior design

Up to now, we hadn’t really sat down to discuss design elements of the new addition, only the general layout.  If we’re investing six figures in this thing, it makes sense to at least be on the same page when it comes to the design.

“You know, we have the option of going a little more modern,” I said.  The style we had been looking at up to that point was a little dated, although it would fit in with the style of our house.  Now I was pointing out a long narrow fireplace in a more open concept house.  “I like the plasma fireplaces.  It’s a clean, modern look and we can still do the TV above it.”

I know you are wondering what we were looking at.  Was it a magazine?  A home design TV show?  Or was I browsing the internet on my laptop?  Any of these would make sense, but I was actually playing Grand Theft Auto V.

This is not a review….

In GTA5, there are three characters, and each has their own “safe house” where they can change clothes (perhaps put on a mask to commit an armed robbery), save the game, and do some other interactive things like watch television, drink some whiskey or take a hit (or 3) off of a bong.

Michael has the dated McMansion in Rockford Hills with the coffered ceilings and built-in bookshelves.

GTA5 screenshot
The projection TV over the fireplace in Michael’s house.
GTA5 Michael's safehouse
Michael’s elegant family room with coffered ceilings and built in book cases.

Franklin has the modern open concept house in Vinewood Hills.

modern fireplace and tv
The television and fireplace in Franklin’s house.

I wouldn’t mind borrowing design ideas from either of these very different houses.  However,  Trevor’s mobile home in Sandy Shores may be more in line with our budget.

GTA5 screenshot
Trevor’s classy digs.

[These graphics are snapshots taken with the in-game camera]

Where do you get your design inspiration?


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