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The debris piles up

While we were busy with the bathroom and basement demolition, a large 30 yard trash container was sitting in our driveway.   Surprisingly, it handled everything I threw at it.

Here is how the debris piled up over the course of several weeks.

4 July

state of bin 1

5 July

state of bin2

10 July


17 July

state of bin final

We had the container for 22 days.  The stand-by charge alone would be $200.  We also had to pay for the initial delivery plus the tipping fee at the landfill so I was expecting a hefty bill.

I received the final invoice August 16.   After the charges were deducted from the $500 we actually received a modest refund of $7.06.   Total weight was 3.95 tonnes, which is just over 8700 pounds!.


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