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Category: Framing and Structure

steel track

Cost of Wood versus Metal Stud Framing

Comparing the cost of framing with steel studs versus wood.
foundation piers

Addition problems: the foundation

Design and structural issues with the foundation of our addition, and why simply tearing down and rebuilding the addition is the best option for us.
new studs

Structural Repairs: Load-Bearing Walls

Restoring, replacing and altering structure where load bearing walls had been damaged or removed.
support beam and stud wall

Structure: Supporting the house from the basement

When it comes to fixing structural issues in a house, start in the basement and work your way up.
sunken tub

Structure: The Sunken Tub

How we got rid of a sunken tub and repaired the underlying structure.
rafter extension

Adding ventilation and fixing leaks in back dormer

Extending the roof to add soffit ventilation and solve water issues in the back dormer.
Fixing water damage and structure in the Dormer

Fixing water damage and structure in the Dormer

A water leak and a window installed without proper structure. How we removed rotted framing and framed the wall correctly.
A closer look at the stairs

A closer look at the stairs

Details of the instances where our stair rails and spindles do not meet the minimum requirements of the Ontario Building Code.
A step in the right direction?

A step in the right direction?

I planned to paint the stair rail and spindles but that was too hard so I came up with a better plan: build a wall instead at some point in the future.
metal framing

Framing with metal studs

Comparing of advantages and disadvantages of framing with metal studs vs wood, especially in a basement, plus tips for working with metal framing.