The Attic Renovation: Adding the Dormer

The Attic Renovation: Adding the Dormer

The main reason we hired a contractor was to construct a dormer to allow more light into the larger of the two bedrooms.  The structure was built in about two days

The 2×6 walls are supported by the 2×8 floor joists. The hole cut into the roof was kept as small as possible until much of the exterior of the dormer was completed. The exterior is sheathed with plywood and clad with vinyl siding.

The roof and ceiling heights were kept high to match the existing structure.  Thus the floor space gained is much more versatile and the result is a much greater increase in the volume of the room.

The window is a double casement, which has a higher R-value than sliders.  Plus casement windows do an amazing job of catching the breeze when they are open.

The space created by the dormer is wide enough to allow either the length of any bed, or the width of a queen size bed plus night stand, depending on how we orient the furniture. Actually, the options the dormer opens up to us are practically limitless.  This can also serve well as a study area.  The window also provides a nice view of the property across the street which is much larger than ours with a lot of mature trees.

The Attic Renovation

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