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Ep 18: Allow me to vent

I didn’t realize until after I finished editing that there is a common theme running through each of the topics discussed in this episode.  Sort of.  Okay, that may be a bit of a stretch, but how else was I going to tie everything together?  I start with an update on the workshop as I look into options for heating it.  I answer an email question about insulation and ventilation in a 1-1/2 story Cape Cod.  And I comment on some news regarding the impending trades shortage, construction jobs and what the career choices of Millenials might mean for homeowners.

Topics Covered

3 options for heating a garage / workshop

The advantages and disadvantages of these popular heat sources.

  • Forced air gas unit (which needs to be vented)
  • Infrared Radiant Tubes
  • Mini-split Ductless

Insulating and Ventilating a 1-1/2 story Cape Cod

I received this email question a while back and thought it was worth discussing on the podcast.

  • How to fully ventilate the upper level (or “attic”) from soffits to peak.
  • Maximizing the insulation of a cathedral slope ceiling while maintaining that ventilation
  • No soffits? No Problem.  SmartVent by DCI is the solution.
  • Creating an “envelope” house by using spray foam as an alternative.  (No vents needed?)

Trades, construction and Millenials

We’ve known about the impending trades shortage for at least a decade as Baby Boomers retire.  The post-recession building boom is creating a lot of construction jobs that aren’t being filled.  And Millenials?  Well, they don’t seem to want to work in construction or in the trades.  What is that going to mean for us in the next decade or so and what can we do about it?  Not sure if this qualifies as a rant, but I guess you could say that I am venting.

Links and Resources

Insulating the roof above an attic knee wall (  includes diagram, which can also be found on this website here.

The entire attic renovation on from start to finish on this website.

SmartVent by DCI:  A solution for ventilation when no soffits exist.

Ace on the House Podcast episode.  Adam Carolla welcomes Doug McDonald of to discuss the “envelope house”

News article about Young Americans Unwilling to Work High-Paying Construction Jobs

Please note: The special link and discount code for ThomasAvenueCeramics advertised in this episode have expired.


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