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Ep 9: Angela Allen talks about tiny houses and simple living

Angela Allen from built a small cabin in the woods and is living the dream. In this podcast episode she talks about how she defines that dream, as well as the virtues of tiny houses, simple living and the importance of deciding what is truly important in life.

Angela Allen

Topics covered in this episode

  • Angela’s “cabin in the woods.”
  • The Tiny House Movement and the politics surrounding Tiny Houses.
  • Spur, Texas:  a Tiny House community
  • Downsizing and decluttering.
  • The advantages of living in a small house.
  • Overcoming the challenges of living in a small space.
  • How technology can help us simplify our lives and our space.

Resources  Website for Spur, Texas, the nation’s first Tiny House friendly town.

Ode to spring cleaning (and the accumulation of “stuff”):   I wrote a few years ago, after cleaning the closet in my daughter’s room. That was when it hit me just how much stuff we had.  Also on that page, you can watch a clip of George Carlin’s routine, “A place for my stuff.”

Connect with Angela Allen


Twitter:  (@wickedwriter)

Google Plus:

CoolJazz, LLC:  Your Business and Your Technology in Harmony


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