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Ep 6: John Gerard from Our Home From Scratch

John Gerard from joins me today to talk about his home improvement experiences, his website and his eBook.  John’s website is a combination of home improvements and woodworking and in this episode, he shares some of the lessons he has learned as a homeowner and the tools and resources he used when he renovated his kitchen.

John Gerard

Topics covered in this episode

  • The phone call that led John to buy his first house.
  • What John recommends you do first if you buy a “fixer-upper.”
  • His choice for the first improvement made in his first house wasn’t necessarily the best choice.  What John recommends you don’t do first when you buy a house.
  • How a plumbing emergency led to a DIY failure and a learning opportunity.
  • John’s complete kitchen renovation and why and how he (mostly) made his own cabinets himself.
  • The tools he used to plan and design his kitchen
  • John’s book:  Renovate Your Kitchen the Smart Way
  • The four things you need to consider before you renovate your kitchen:  Do you need to renovate?  What is your budget?  What is the scope of the work?  What are the functional requirements?
  • The GOAL of John’s website, Our Home From Scratch.

Resources mentioned in this episode

Renovate You Kitchen the Smart Way (affiliate link):  John’s book that walks you through everything you need to know before you start your kitchen renovation.  More project management than “how-to.”

Blum Drawer Slides

Western Dovetail:  Custom drawer boxes made to order.

Ikea Planning Tools:  Plan your layout with Ikea products (or products matching Ikea dimensions).

Cabinet Planner:  Software that allows you to design cabinets, render them in 3D,  see them in a floor plan view and create your cut list.

Our Home From Scratch:  John’s website– a combination of home improvements and woodworking.

John’s advice

Pull permits.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice.  Lean on the experience of others.


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