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Ep 5: Meet the AZ DIY GUY

My guest today is John, from  That’s AZ as in Arizona.  His blog is a side project where he enjoys sharing his DIY adventures with the world while injecting his “dorky” sense of humor in his writing.

Topics Covered in this episode

  • How Arizona shapes the blog.
  • John’s first DIY project, and first tool purchase.
  • The new house experience in Texas.
  • His career change and move back to Arizona into the house he owns now.
  • What was behind the decision to buy a “fixer-upper.”
  • Career plan vs. career reality.
  • Why he enjoys blogging, the niche that his website occupies, and his approach to writing.
  • The challenges of juggling DIY home improvement projects with content creation for the website.
  • The picture that he missed.

Links to posts mentioned in this episode

“It’s hot up here.”  John fishes wires in his attic to install a ceiling fan.

Closet remodel and emergency escape:  The start of the window installation project, or what I refer to in the course of the interview as “the hole in the wall.”

The Next Big Thing:  Swimming Pool Renovation:  The start of the swimming pool / deck project.

Actually, I highly recommend that you explore all the posts on his website.

Links to other blogs mentioned

Ugly Duckling House

Pretty Handy Girl

DIY Diva

John’s Advice

Start small and work your way up.  Don’t take on more than you can handle.  It is possible to eat an elephant, if you take one bite at a time.

Work safe using proper safety equipment like, like safety glasses.

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    • Thumb and Hammer

      Thanks John. I appreciate your patience in being my first interview. Let’s do this again, sometime.

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