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Ep 2: Greetings from THAT house

Every street, every road, every subdivision has at least one:  that one house that manages to bring down the property values of the other houses around it.  In this episode, I lay out the details of what makes our house “that house” and the circumstances that have prevented us from improving it in the eyes of our neighbors.

Topics covered in this episode

  • Why we had to have half a dozen trees cut down and a neighbor’s reaction.
  • The origin of the addition and how it affects the curb appeal of the house.
  • How a weed whacker is an essential tool for driveway maintenance.
  • Why our plans for a garage and paved driveway were put on hold for more than a decade.
  • Where we spent the equity from our previous house.
  • Why I gutted the second floor of the house, and the home office in the addition.
  • How our real estate lawyer let us down.
  • The options that may or may not have been available to us to help mitigate our damages.
  • What we have invested in home improvements, what we plan to invest and what kind of return we expect to see.

Further reading on this website

The Attic Renovation:  This covers the entire attic renovation from start to finish.  This was the reason our daughter did not have her own room until she was seven years old.

Snowball Effect in the home office:  How the switch plate led to me gutting the entire home office in the addition.

From Dream House to Nightmare:  A blog post covering much of what I am talking about in this episode.

Poor Workmanship in the Addition:  Pretty much sums up the ugliness of the addition (and links to other posts about the electrical and foundation problems as well).

gravel driveway
Time to weed-whack the driveway

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