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Ep 12: The AZ DIY Guy returns to discuss contracts, contractors and pool repair

John from returns to the podcast to give us an update on his pool, You may remember that it was sitting empty, awaiting repair, back in Episode 5 of this podcast.  And the timing couldn’t be better since I discussed contracts in last week’s episode.  John shares his experience in finding the right contractor to hire for the job. And he relates how he was able to renegotiate a couple clauses in the contract.   This episode is a continuation of Episode 11.


The Big Pool Renovation Story and Reveal:  John’s blog post about the pool repair.  You can find all of John’s social media links there as well.

Arizona Registrar of Contractors:  Check with your own state for a registry of licensed contractors. You can also check with your local Better Business Bureau when vetting contractors.

011: Big Mistakes Part 2: Not “getting it in writing”:  Previous episode of this podcast where I discussed contracts. What makes a good contract? And why do you need a contract in the first place?


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