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Ep 11: Big Mistakes Part 2: Not “getting it in writing”

“Get it in writing.”  Seems so obvious, doesn’t it?  Why would anyone do work or have work done without a contract?  As a homeowner, I have hired contractors and handymen and I have had work done with and without contracts.  In this episode, I give a couple examples of when I had work done without a written contract and the consequences.  I also explain what should be included in a good contract.

Elements of a Good Contract

  1. The general job description
  2. The price and payment terms (when installments are due)
  3. What is included in the price– the materials to be used and what the contractor is going to do.  Basically this is the job description in more detail.
  4. What is not included.  For example, “priming and painting not included.”
  5. Details of any warranty and the transferability of that warranty.
  6. Details of liability limitations (the damage waiver).  For example, a roofing company is usually not responsible for cracks to interior plaster or drywall.
  7. The contract should also mention that the contractor has worker’s compensation insurance or the equivalent.

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