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Ep 1: A do-it-yourselfer is born

The first episode of the Thumb and Hammer Home Improvement Podcast is now ready for download or streaming.  This is a typical first episode in that I simply introduce myself and the podcast.

Topics covered in this episode

  • One of my earliest recollections of using a hammer to build something and the first observation that I just wasn’t good at working with tools.
  • My school experience with shop class.
  • The “stigma” of the trades.
  • My first ever DIY project, why it was a failure and what I was able to learn in order to succeed at a similar project later.
  • How hiring a professional led me to later successfully complete my first DIY project.
  • How my eventual overconfidence resulted in the nightmare we have been living with for the last decade.
  • Why I am starting a podcast and what the general theme of the podcast is going to be.

Links and Resources

These are a few blog posts on the website that help illustrate how overwhelmed I was with the problems we found in this house:

Four mistakes that cost us over a hundred grand  This post from 2013 summarizes the four major mistakes that we made when we bought our house.

From dream house to nightmare  Another post from 2013 reflecting on how we came to the realization that we bought a money pit.

Oh, and as promised in the podcast, here are my 8th grade shop projects for you to marvel at 34 years later.

dustpan and dollar bill display
My eighth grade shop projects: sheet metal, wood and plastic.
My sheet metal project: dustpan. (later spray painted by my dad)
dollar bill display
Combined plastic and wood projects– a dollar bill display stand.
display stand
Norm Abram, move over.

I also turned a small planter on the lathe made of alternating layers of pine(?) and walnut. It would eventually end up on my wife’s desk at work, but since she left that job we have lost track of it. It’s probably in a box in storage….


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