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Ep 21: Permits, legal stuff and DIY

Just because you can “Do It Yourself” doesn’t necessarily mean you can do it yourself.

Before you start that home improvement project, do you know what permits are required?  Are you even qualified to legally do the work yourself?

In this episode of the podcast, I share some of my own experiences, some legal and some perhaps not so much.


  • Electrical work without permits, both DIY and “professional”
  • Unethical (and possibly illegal) advice from the building centre.
  • Undoing bad electrical work by previous owner.
  • Why we downgraded a panel upgrade (a 2×4 was involved).
  • A completely legal electrical panel replacement.
  • The strange law in Ontario regarding doing your own electrical work.
  • The strict law in Quebec regarding any electrical work.
  • What I learned from my interaction with the building department (spoiler alert:  permits aren’t the money-grab we accuse them of being).

Links, resources

Electrical Safety Authority (Ontario):  Regulator and advocate of public electrical safety in the province of Ontario, Canada

Legality of DIY Electrical and Plumbing Work (Jon Eakes)

Episode Partner

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