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Ep 20: What I did during my summer vacation

I had some ambitious plans this summer.  Stuff was going to get done.  In this episode of the podcast, I explore some of the reasons why I did not accomplish what I planned to accomplish during my summer vacation.

Topics covered in this podcast

Can’t be in two places at the same time:  It’s impossible to work on a project at the same time as running to the home center for supplies.

Project Creep:  Where does one project end and another one begin?

Time estimates and reality:  Television and videos can distort how long a project will actually take.  Whether it’s large crews working behind the scenes or simply fancy editing, you never really get a realistic picture of how long it will take you to complete a project.  I show my age here by referring to the “makeover in a weekend” shows like Trading Spaces and While You Were Out from back in the 2000’s.  Time flies.  It’s hard to believe those shows have been off the air for more than a decade.   Trading Spaces is coming back in 2018.

The boring stuff takes time too:  There are plenty of tasks that don’t make for exciting TV or video that aren’t shown.  But those tasks still need to be done.

Links and Resources

BluWood:  wood coating system that resists moisture and mould growth

Trading Spaces :  Wikipedia entry for the television show.

John Heisz :  Chainsaw Art – Spalted Maple Foot Stool Cut From A Log

John Heisz:  Talking About Subscribers And Other Stuff While Oiling My Stool

Episode Partner

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