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Ep 16: If you ask me…

I don’t consider myself an expert in home improvements, but I try to learn as much as I can. I would like to think that I have gained at least some knowledge in my 20 years of home ownership.

I listen to a variety of home improvement podcasts and radio shows and watch some television.  While I have a lot of respect for the experts on these shows, there are times that I disagree with their advice.

In this episode of the podcast, I offer my own answer to a question that somebody asked on The Money Pit Radio Show,   Is it okay to give up a second bathroom and convert it to a laundry room?

But first, I talk about the previous owner of our own money pit.  It was his handiwork that resulted in extensive structural damage to that house.  I explore some of my emotions and how they have evolved.  If you are having to fix problems caused by a previous owner, you will find this episode interesting.

Resources and Links

The Money Pit Radio Show: Live from New England (part 1):  The question and original responses regarding converting a bathroom into a laundry room are at the end of the episode.

Greetings from THAT House:  Episode of this podcast where I go into deeper detail about some of the problems we faced with that house, largely due to the previous owner’s handiwork.

Demolition of the ensuite bathroom:  This blog post will give you a better idea of what issues we were dealing with in the bathroom.

Key takeaways

From the first segment:  No do-it-yourselfer intentionally puts their family in danger.  None of us want our house to collapse around us.

From the second segment:  We put too much emphasis on the resale value of a house. We should instead focus on how the house is working for us while we are living in it.

Please note: The special link and discount code for ThomasAvenueCeramics advertised in this episode have expired.


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