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Are you 6 months into a “weekend” project?

You are not alone

Allow me to share my successes and frustrations so you will know what to expect from your own home improvement project. You will see what worked and what could have been done better. The head scratching and learning curve are all out in the open.

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Website is under renovation!

Since its launch, has always been a “How-I-Did-It” site, as opposed to a “How-to” website. However, recently, there has been an explosion of content on platforms like TikTok, You-Tube Shorts, Instagram Stories and who-knows-what other app has been released during the time it’s taken me to type this sentence.

Unfortunately, with the sheer amount of home improvement and DIY content available now, there is a lot of noise and I cannot in good conscience add to the confusion. As I shift the focus of this website to the podcast, many of the home improvement project pages will undergo massive revisions. So things may be a bit of mess around here for the next little while. Thank-you for your patience.



Listen to the Thumb and Hammer Home Improvement Podcast

An independent production covering topics related to home improvements, real estate and more.

Update March 2024: After a longer than planned hiatus, the podcast will be returning soon

Latest Podcast Episode

Ep. 66: Smrt guy

Ep. 66: Smrt guy

Facebook experts, ethernet cable in a wireless world, tracking down a water problem, and an update on the basement renovation.

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basement wall framed with BluWood

What happened to BluWood?

At one time, it seemed as though BluWood was everywhere. It was featured on popular home improvement and renovation shows. And then, it disappeared. What happened to BluWood? And why did I tear out the BluWood framing in my basement?